Man that was awesome, really enjoyed it! I can't tell if you're playing over the original track or a backing? Either way your guitaring was sick, tone was spot-on!
I Subscribed to you on youtube too!

If you have a chance to C4C I've got a thread knocking about:

Cheers buddy!
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Thanks man! And it was a mix of the original track and a backing track. I switched to the backing track during the solo cause I didn't exactly play it how it was written haha, so i wanted the original solo outta there so it didn't clash.

Heading to your thread now!
Damn man you killed that! That was one hell of a cover! Your guitar tone was fantastic and I think thats one of the first pink guitars I've ever seen and actually liked. The playing seems so easy and natural for you and it was really just a pleasure to watch! I had no choice but to subscribe to you after seeing this. Keep up the hard work man! My playing is nowhere near as advanced as yours but If you would'nt mind doing a C4C on one my cover videos I'd really appreciate it. Ill post link below