Hey all! I'm currently in a 'band' (A rhythm guitarist, a bassist, and myself as lead guitar) and we mostly do covers, but we're working on our on stuff as well. We like to play prog metal, so in one song we can go from a metalcore sound, to some death, then to a really clean section: and I need gear that can do that as well.

BUT, my friends are very unoriginal. After I bought a new Ibanez, they both got Ibanez's as their first guitars, and both got Peavey amps. I know it is petty, but I don't want to get a Peavey amp at this point, because I don't want all of us playing Ibanez's and Peaveys

Anywho, I'm looking to spend between $500-$750 on the amp, maybe a little more. I can't really buy anything used locally, I don't live near any bigger cities. I was thinking about getting a Jet City, like


But I don't know if a 50w would be too powerful for what I need. We will not be gigging anytime soon, since both my friends just starting playing about a month ago. If you guys need it, I play a RG4 something Ibanez, and a PRS SE custom 24

-need a new amp and pedals
-want to spend $500-$800 on amp
-no Peavey
-no clue for pedals, never had to use any
-need good cleans, but I also need some crunch for metal

Let me know if you guys need anything else
The Jet City seems about right, I'd get a Tubescreamer to go with it.
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