Hey guys!

I recently fell in love with the overdrive sound on the latest album of Arcade Fire, "The Suburbs". Especially in songs like "Ready To Start" and "Half Light II (No Celebration)" I really like the use of overdrived/distorted/dirty tone.
In my curiousity I looked Will Butler (lead singer and guitarist) and Richard Parry (lead guitarist) up on the internet but unfortunately found nothing about their use of gear.

So my question to you guys is: Do you have an idea what kind of gear (pedals, guitars etc.) I need to get if I want to achieve a overdrive tone like this?

According to my own gear I own a John Petrucci Musicman Ball Family Reserve and a Fender Super Reverb.

I hope you guys can help me out!
I did a search and found this, seems somewhat accurate from the live footage I've seen.
EDIT: This is from another forum, the user apparently watched them live and picked this out. I see a lot of similarity, that how I came to the conclusion it seems like a well enough list... but it's not the official.

Win Butler (singer):

-Fender Jaguar (black, used for "Neighborhood #2")
-Fender Jaguar (Sonic blue-ish, used for "Power Out")
-Fender Jazzmaster (surf green, used on "Funeral" songs)
-Fender Jazzmaster (surf green, reversed headstock, used on "Funeral" songs)
-72' Fender Telecaster custom (black w/mods to it. Used on "Ready to Start")
-72' Fender Telecaster custom (black. Shared with Tim (the bassist))
-Custom unknown esquire (black w/white pickguard. Used on "Modern Man")
-Mosrite Celebrity Hollowbody (cherry burst finish, used on "Month of May" and "Neighborhood #1 (tunnels)
-Rickenbacker 330 (jetglo, used as a backup to the Mosrite)
-Hagstrom Viking (Red, I think its retired now)
-Gibson ES 335 12 string (brown walnut, used on "Wake up" and "Suburban War")
-Old and beaten up Mandolin (used on "Keep the Car Running")
-Martin single cutaway acoustic (used on "Haiti")
-Martin acoustic (Black w/2 white pickguards, used on "Rococo" and "Intervention", "Sprawl". Shared with Tim, the bassist)
-2 Epiphone Elitist acoustics (used to be used on "Intervention", he smashed them)
-Mosrite Bass (huge awesome looking thing. Used on almost every song)
-Maestro 12 String ES 335 Copy (Shared with Tim, the bassist)

Musicman 2x12's. Normally 2 of them side by side

Tough to see, but this is what I can gather.
-Proco Rat
-Mooger Fooger Delay
-Moog MP-201 Foot switch
-Diamond Memory Lane
-Jaques Tube blower
-Roger Mayer voodoo vibe
-Boss TU2
-Ernie Ball VP JR

Richard Reed (Guitarist)

-Vintage 70's Framus BL-7 (Black with silver pickguard, Played on "We used to Wait", "Ready to Start", etc)
-Dan Armstrong heavily modified ( Used on "Funeral" songs)
-Daion Headhunter (Used on anything with Ebow. "Empty Room", "Intervention", "Month of May", etc&hellip
-Custom single pickup LP style guitar (orange, again I'll get back with the maker.)

-Boss TU2
-Boss SD1
-VoodooLab Pedal Power
-Boss RV5
-Boss CS3
-Line 6 Echo Park
-EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazzerai
-EHX Holy Grail
-Boss DD20
-MXR Micro Amp

-Musicman 2x12's
-Vox Pathfinder 1x12

Other guitars that get plaid by the Drummer and Alex Butler:

-Guild B-302
-Gibson SG (mid 70's)
-Newer Gibson ES335 (Used on "Neighborhood #1")
Current Gear:
Mexican Fender Telecaster
Robert Smith custom Jazzmaster
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Okay, thanks a lot. That was helpful. Wonder why I didn't stumbled upon that...
The ProCo Rat, as Win uses, might be the thing for me It's pretty cool!