Hi guys,I tried two 7-string guitars some time ago and I don't have reason why not to buy one. Is it 25.5 inch scale ok for 7 string? I play in regular and half-step-down tunes.

For standard and half step tunings, 25.5 is perfectly fine.
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26.5" or 27" would help if you are going to tune the low b down half a step.

Would be worth trying one out.

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There are many things that are better with a longer neck. Ability to use smaller gauge strings and better intonation (In my experience).

Size matters to me. But in the end it's how you use it.
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I have small hands. So,everything 25.5+ would be overkill to me. Once I played 28.625,I don't need to tell you how does that feel.
It's all preference at the end of the day, i use shorter scales with heavy strings for my 7's, and longer scaled 8's, the longer scale does sometimes provide a different timbre on the upper strings but nothing too significant.

Try out both