As I live in close proximity to several, and share very thin walls, it is no longer viable to use my massive Marshall stack amp. Like any amp it doesn't make a nice sound when turned down to ridiculously quiet, but I need to play my baby electric.
I looked around and it seems like a micro amp is the best solution. I'm just wondering if any of you have got one and would recommend them or not. The one I'm considering is the orange, because it's got decent reviews, and oranges look pretty. I'm a sucker for looks.
Sound-wise, what's important is variety - a play a lot of different stuff, and so something that can deal with that. Alternative would be the most dominant sound I play. If it helps to know I use a telecaster with a zoom pedal
Anyway, hopefully you can advise me on which one to get. Trying to keep it under £50
If you mean the Orange Micro Crush, Marshall MS-2, etc... Then don't bother. They are little more than toys, they will not produce a good, or even bearable tone.

What amp do you have? Maybe an attentuator would be the better option, or just turn it down. Just because you have a large amp, does not mean that you must play it wide open all the time.
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i'd go with the fender mustang. i think they go down to as small as 10w. they get really great tone and u can also use them to go from your guitar to ur computer to use the FUSE software. pretty great stuff for a nice price
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I have the Mini with the 6 inch speaker, I really is a nice amp, has 3 settings, 4 watt, 1 watt, and 1/10 of a watt. I can also use it as a head sometimes plugging it into a larger 4x12 cab is quite fun.

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