I'm a guitar newbie so I really can't figure this out and I know no one with any real talent, so I'm asking this community for some help: I'm trying to find tabs for a song off of the TRIGUN OST(its subtitle is the first donuts) so the exact title of the album is TRIGUN: THE FIRST DONUTS. Specifically I'm looking for tabs to track 4 called Knives its a theme played in the show often during action scenes that I recently was reintroduced to thanks to Mr. television. It seems simple and I think it would be excellent for me to practice with. If anyone can help that would be awesome. I use Guitar Pro 6, so if you use it as well and are more comfortable writing tabs in it all the better! Please and Thank you,

Stuart W.
oh an apparently the artist is Tsuneo Imahori not sure if that's just the composer or what tho