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TNA is better

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yes, not that amazing but still glad The Rock won. If Cena won i would have headed straight for the nearest suicide cliff.
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TNA is better

I've been trying to keep up with TNA because I saw RVD wrestle on there. He's my all time favorite wrestler and when he left WWE, I stopped watching it.

Also, old school ECW owns.
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We have a thread.

But I'd give it a 4/5
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We have a thread.

But I'd give it a 4/5

This, check out Pro Wrestling Thread OP.

HHH/Taker match of the night.
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How is it possible for half the card to still be there? Does no one retire?
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I thought it was pretty good. No match was as good as the Undertaker v. HBK match from 2 years ago, but the co-main events were great. I find it interesting that they've gotten away from having the Heavyweight/WWE title as the perennial main event, and instead pushed it towards non-title, non-grudge, pride matches.
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