While I really enjoy the better sound quality when I run my phaser/delay through the FX loop of my amp, I'm finding I lose a fair bit of gain when i engage the pedals? Anyone else have this problem/solution?

I'm using a Splawn Quickrod at reasonably high gain
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his fx loop is prbably already buffered
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Does that amp allow you to to adjust the signal level in the loop. If so thats teh fix, otherwise, you can raise the channels volume and drop the gain a bit, though that may not work depending on how the amp is wired
How can an FX loop reduce gain? An FX loop comes after the preamp, where your gain is going to come from if youre going to use the gain knob to control it sintead of cranking the power section.

Is the loop tube buffered? If so, IMO that should be where to look at. A pedal after the preamp cant magically reduce gain. Are you sure its gain thats going down? And not a reduction in high end? Loss of treble can cause a perception of less gain.
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I'm using a Splawn Quickrod at reasonably high gain
Do you have the FX loop switch set to -10db? If not then you should.
Almost certainly a problem with poorly adjusted send/return levels.
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