Hey guys, I really want to learn to sing. I have got the basics of breathing from the diaphragm and that's helped a lot. I can sort of sing along to The River by Bruce Springsteen. I struggle with the higher notes, but for the most part, it's okay I guess. I want to be comfortable singing along with the song before I try add my guitar in. I don't know what my range is. It's low. Baritone maybe. I have been singing for about an hour or so this morning and my throat doesn't hurt, so I guess I'm not straining it, so that's a start.

I like Tom Waits a lot, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin... Lots of classic rock/ blues/ acoustic rock sort of thing.
Mustang Sally is possibly the easiest song in the world.
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The fact that I'm having slight trouble with this makes me sad, in that case. Anything you know of a bit lower?