I need some help guys. What key is Hey Joe in and what key can I solo in ? all help is much appreciated
E minor, I believe.
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Well no, you can't "solo in A major" because technically it doesn't exist in that contect.

If your song is in the key of E major then any scales you use will have their root defined by that key - eg they'll all be E "something", so the notes E A D G B will always be E minor pentatonic regardless of where you play them or what you do with them.
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The tune is technically in E, with a few chords borrowed from the parallel minor. The main progression is, to my knowledge: C, G, D, A, E (followed by signature riff implying a minor 3rd or a dominant 7#9). It moves in (a somewhat counter-intuitive) cycle 5 motion.

The key is your starting point. The chords are your guide. You can probably get away with just playing E minor pent/blues over the whole thing, although the changes actually give you more interesting options than that. My intuition has been to take a chord tone approach to this tune, with some blues and pentatonic licks mixed in, as well as various chromatic manuevers.

For example, during the C chord, the note C is not part of E minor pent, but it's an obviously fundamental chord tone (the root). During the D, an F# (the 3rd) is an option, which isn't in E minor pent either. During the A, a C# (the 3rd) is an option (likewise, not Em pent). My main point here is to point out all the *non-pent* notes you could be hitting, just by looking at the chords.

So maybe it would be useful to break out of pents and try more explicitly following the chords.
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the solo as written by Hendrix is in the E minor pentatonic scale starting on the 12th fret. if you keep within this scale, it's easy to make up your own fun stuff