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Last night I was playing at The Refectory in Portland, OR with a local blues band ( and after the very first song ended, Kevin asks me to take my guitar off. I look at him with the most bewildered look, having no clue what's going on. Then he says to me again, "Go ahead, unplug it and set it down. I have something over here for you to play." I figured he was going to let me play his Gibson P90 ES-137 so I start walking over and then he says "No, over here. Go ahead and open that case there." I'm thinking to myself What The $%^&. Oh well, I'll open it. I was completely dumbfounded and couldn't even say a word. It already had a strap on it, so I pick it up and slip it over my shoulder. I walk back over to my amp and plug it in. I still haven't said a thing. The crowd is pretty much silent wondering what the hell is going on. Kevin let everybody know I couldn't speak so he asked if I could play. I gave it a strum and said "Sure thing, it's in tune." Unbeknownst to me he had played it for a bit before I got there and made sure it was all tuned up and ready to go. Then we were off to the races. For the next 3 songs I was in heaven. Something clicked and I was right in the pocket and off we went. The dance floor got full so I figure we were doing something right. Kevin kept smiling at me throughout the rest of the set and had me take most of the leads until we wrapped up the set.

Thanks AGAIN Mom and Dad!!!! I'm still in shock.

Introducing the "The Guitar Shop Bahama Mama #1"


The first thing I noticed was how light it was. Weighs in at just under 7.5 lbs. The projection of it either plugged in or acoustic is amazing. Possibly the loudest guitar I've heard acoustically. The 53/10 pickups seem to be a perfect match for this wood combo. I've yet to explore it in it's entirety since I just got it last night, so there will be more to come. The thing that hit me was how easy it was to fret and bend. It has thicker fretwire than what I'm used to, but WOW did it make a difference. Takes little effort to play, almost like it plays itself. It has a nice thick neck, which I am very used to - I hate thin necks. The guitar has a chime to it that I've never heard before. I first noticed it when I played it unplugged, almost like a piano sound. Very hard to explain. All I know is that the crowd loved the way it sounded and many people came up to me later to comment on it. That has never happened before, at least not like this. I will add more as I have more time with it. Still need to check out the split coil sounds and the trem.


Video: If you don't like the blues you should skip this.
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Holyshit that is beautiful!

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Holyshit that is beautiful!

Exactly what I said. That guitar is gorgeous, I bet it plays amazing aswell.
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HNGD! Woah I'm jealous.

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That is a sweet PRS!
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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not too shabby.

jeff! that's insane right there, congrats!

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not too shabby.

jeff! that's insane right there, congrats!


Thanks everybody!!

The Sig Ltd will arrive on Thursday!!!
Words cannot describe - that's an epic guitar. HNGD.

Fine solo on the video too!
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The Sig Ltd will arrive on Thursday!!!

dayum. that's one hell of a week brother!
Sweet mother of mercy, the flame on that neck.

I've been playing a lot of vintage guitars recently and I thought I was lucky and there was nothing left for me to experience. Now I know I shall never rest until I am the owner of a flame-necked PRS.
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That's it, I'm done.

Sweet mother of god that thing is gorgeous!
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What in the blue hell is this? Why you so lucky!

I will now proceed to drool all over my screen until it shorts out from copious amounts of saliva on it.
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psht your parents still buy you stuff.

Jumping on dat gear sig train.
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Maaaaan, that is a nice guitar.

Back of the neck is gorgeous especially.
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psht your parents still buy you stuff.


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Dude. I love the detail of the wood. The fretboard is gorgeous and the flame is sweet. Not keen on the colour or the layout of the controls though. A bronze would be beautiful. HNGD
If i owned a guitar like that i would keep it in a glass case and play it once a month.

It's too beautiful. Congrats
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Holy sh*tf**ck thats awesome!

HNGD buddy!
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It's not too late to repair the damage. An apology goes a long way.


dude.......not cool

best ngd in a while though
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