when any herb is included in a recipe
I fumble about the cupboards top and bottom
and find only salt, pepper mostly
spilt on the shelves careless like,
some past rushed ready to go meal was
cracked black and wolfed.

the crack always nips a tickle inside -
that period of time when you and I collided.
stand backwards of a step and I forget
the thyme
we put into syncing up.

regret like chilli flakes slid into the retina,
envelopes through letterboxes -
books like words like reading -

and digestion of your literature
burns the tract, stabs backwards
of a step and the opacity falls
and the curtain calls "open!"
and the two of us, fools,
ineptitude squared comfortably.

you crack, I sag a little in despair.
you write, I redden.
you read, I clam.
the moment wolfed,
alluded to only when I cook chicken.
As usual, your stuff is brilliant. Two things:

First of all, I hate the comma in the first stanza; I think the double meaning of "careless like" works fine without it. However, if you were punctuating it properly for one meaning, the comma should be a semi-colon, and if you were punctuating it properly for the other meaning, there should be a hyphen and no comma, so the comma just feels weird.

Secondly, from a lesser poet, the cheap pun on "thyme" might have gotten a smirk, but from you, it felt cheap.

Nothing to see here. Move along.