I am having a issue with the guitar and looking for others insight. I've been playing for a while and am able to play a lot of chords, change chords, etc pretty well. Obviously always expanding...

However, I struggle to memorize songs. I will go and print the sheet music out... For example, I have the sheet music to "Every Rose has it's Thorn".

Most would say that is an easy song, 4 chords roughly. However, when you try try to learn and memorize the strumming as the notation suggests it is a real pain. Now I know you can make up a rhythm and lots do that on examples off You Tube. I'd like to actually learn how it is presented, but with every bar being so unique find it rather difficult. Is there a magical way to learn this or practice with the sheet music, then take it away... A bar by bar battle???

I find it's easiest to learn a song when I know how it goes. If I can hear it being played in my head it's fairly easy to recreate.

Maybe you don't know the song you're playing or maybe you think you do but you don't actually.

To learn a song I like to just listen to the guitar part several times until I can sing it without the song playing.
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I have no trouble memorizing the song structures when I learn the songs by ear.
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Many songs have a basic structure e.g. if you look at classic heavy metal songs you have mostly the following order
have a look at what you play...there is allways a system behind it
I'm basically I guess referring to the strumming. It seems like in sheet music it is very elaborate and fine tuned. Every bar is different... Where, I will look on You Tube and people will use a D D DU DU D type of pattern...

It seems like a battle to try and memorize it precisely how the sheet music states it.