I need some quick advice. I am more of a bassist and not really an expert on guitars. Someone has offered me an ESP LTD EC400-AT (with duncans) as a trade for a piece of gear I was trying to sell. I own an Agile 3100 and extremely happy with it- sounds awesome and nothing feels "cheap" about it. Is this ESP pretty comparable to the Agile in terms of overall quality?
yes only the ec probably cost a little more out of the gates. I have an ec1000 and an Agile 3000, both great guitars. the agile will be much heavier than the esp. the duncans might have more of a bite than the agile pickups, but honestly it would come down to your preference. In my experience agiles cannot be beaten for the price, that being said esp guitars are great guitars as well. Play them both, see which one you like best. If you are planning on playing long gigs see if the weight of the agile will matter that much to you, it didnt to me but when I switch i really notice the difference, my esp feels like a feather.
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Sounds cool, thanks for the tips. The offer is for my B-52 AT head with stock tubes. It's an alright amp that I got for very cheap, but I don't use it.

Of the two guitars (Agile / ESP), which do you think has a better configuration for low tunings? I was thinking of keeping one in standard and tuning the other low, maybe for doomy tones.
It seems to me that the LTD would be more suited to lower tunings. ESP's and LTD's in general are made for metal and low tunings. And from my short little search on the Agile, it seems like it is more supposed to be similar to the sound of a Les Paul. Again, that was from about a 3 minute search on the Agile though.
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I would absolutely make that trade. Even if you don't like the LTD, you could still sell it for more than your B-52 is worth.

As for lower tuning, they're both exactly the same. They both have 24.75" scales, and that's what affects whether a guitar is better for lower tuning or not. (Which is not a good scale for drop tuning anyway, IMO)
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I have both, LTD is much lighter, better pickups and a really thin U neck. Agile looks more impressive, weighs more, decent pickups, thicker neck(standard size), ebony board, and feels more expensive...

It's a toss up, I would get the one that that has a better neck to me.
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IMO unless you go for glam the 400 is pretty much the same except the over dont abalon.

for reference i owned an EC400, sold it, picked up an EC401 (made in a different factory and country than the 400) didn't like it as much, didn't have that feel to it, that i had before. then i bought a EC1000, no difference really, but the bling and i sold it on a deal and wouldn't go back. if i were to go with ESP, i would go ESP, they are a huge step nicer, but i have only played a couple. never owned one.
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