Hey everyone, back with another cover! There's a lot of things wrong with this one, but I really can't be bothered doing it again. I have major red button syndrome, I played the song through about 5 times perfectly before I started recording... Any feedback would be appreciated! Subscribe if you like, I'm going to be uploading some Meshuggah and BTBAM soon, and also check out my other covers


Hey dude, its not a bad cover, obviously little issues here and there could be tidied up, mainly timing issues and couple of bum notes but hey its not bad.

If you can play it better, do a re-upload and post it as a video response to the actual song or something, give yourself some exposure.

Also if you could do a When in Oslo cover, that's be awesome.

Thanks for the feedback dude, I understand it's a bit sloppy, but I just can't play it right once I hit record! xD I'll try When in Oslo, I've got the intro down already!