It drags on to much and doesn't hold my attention. You should really structure it better and add drums and bass.The guitar could definitly be cleaned up too.

I get the impression this was done quickly.The harmonies arn't very clean and with guitar being all that is to it, it can become annoying to listen to. I think you have some decent peices in there but I don't know if I could call this a song.
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I think this song has great potential. I honestly love the guitar work you have in there but without the rest of the instruments, it's just really lacking and makes it hard to stay attentive. I suggest you save up for Guitar Pro or a good audio interface and a drum vst like Superior Drummer or Addictive Drums that way you can compose a full song with drums, bass, etc. Keep at it though, I think you're off to a good start.
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i honestly think its a really good piece or w/e. You just need to add the other instruments and clean up some of the riffs
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