Well i need a smaller cab and I don't want to pay as much as I did for the 412 (or it's 212 equivalent) I have now. I have pretty much ran into 3 solutions.

1- Get the Jet City 212 cab, I have one their amps and like it, but haven't heard much on their cabs. No were around me stocks them. I'm really just wondering if their "eminence" speakers were any good or if I would be better off replacing them with some wharehouse (sp?) speakers (the celestion clones)....Cost-$220. If the speakers need replaced, I wouldn't go this route.

2-Most likely option choice, unless I can get some rave reviews on the Jet City 212, is to build my own cab. I have a carpenter friend, who can make the joints in them, which is a big sell for me on this option. I may even stain the wood, which would cut cost even more. I estimate the cost to be about $50, maybe less, for materials, then $130 or so for the wharehouse speakers. This would financially be the best choice, but if the Jet City is good, I would save alot of time and effort and have the cab sooner.

Also, if anyone has build knowledge, does the inner dimensions of a sealed cab make a difference of the tone? I have read some build write ups saying it will greatly, and some don't even mention it. I would probably do an Avatar style 3/4 open back type though. Or just throw off any mention any general tips/build knowledge you have.

3- The unloaded Seismic Audio (?) cabs on e-bay. They're only $120, but I have never heard of them and I assume they are junk. Has anyone else ever heard of these? Used these? Cost- $250 after speakers...Least likely choice here.

sorry for the long post, any help for a poor man is appreciated
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lol yeah thats what I would get if I had the cash...they're about $450 loaded I can't find any used atm
When Avatars pop up used they go for around $200, definitely a good buy.

The Jet City cabs are built very well and the speakers are alright. They're modeled after Eminence V12s but they're still a generic basic speaker. They're definitely better than, say, Rocket 50s. Personally I'd want to replace them down the road but they'd be fine to live with for awhile if need be.

And a box is practically a box man, especially with 2x12s. The bigger the box the more bass response it will have, thats about the only thing you need to worry with on guitar cabs. Bass cabs are a whole different story. Closed back cabs will have tighter more focused low end, open back cabs fill a room better and sound more organic/3D.
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Quote by treysonpwaters
lol yeah thats what I would get if I had the cash...they're about $450 loaded I can't find any used atm

Just wait until one pops up used then, you won't regret it. Unless of course you live in Narnia and your used market never has anything good.

If you don't wanna wait just pick up a Jet City cab and replace the speakers when you have the cash to do so.
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Thanks for the input guys. I think I'm going to build one actually, unless i find a used deal before, I just got a hold of my friend who builds sub boxes for cars and he is gonna help me out. I dont have much spare cash right now and I don't have anything to do for the next week anyways lol. Once I get some more cash then I'll probably pick an avatar, I've always wanted one of their contemporary cabs.