Can someone recommend me some kind of recording device? I'm looking for something like a four track recorder for guitar so I can play harmonies, leads, etc. solo and so I can record my ideas instead of forgetting them. Something with playback options would be great so I could hear it on the spot if such a thing exists. I don't need options, this isn't to really record, just save ideas and test out things solo; simplicity would be a bonus. Any clue?
Why dont you just get a line 6 pod and download reaper onto your computer and then you can get up to 32 tracks. also a good 4track is about £140 whereas a pod could go for around £80.
While not strictly a recorder the GNX4 guitar multifx contains an 8 track recorder/looper with sophisticated routing and an XLR input for a mic. You can plug in up to 2gig of CF storage. Should be able to get one used for around $175.
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My main recording device is a Fostex MkII 8-track. New, they run roughly $250. Been using mine for a few years now. Handy little bugger.

I used to use a Fostex 8 track, I'd definitely agree with this recommendation. Tascam are also worth checking out, I currently use a 2488 - that's probably a bit more than you're currently after, but their smaller units would be good for you.

For simplicity, I think it sounds like using a multitracker for your DAW would definitely suit you better than trying to get an interface/PC/software recording setup ready every time you get a new idea.

A lot of them also come with drum machines built in - that would be a useful addition so you can record your ideas along with a full rhythm section.

If they're a bit out of your budget, check out ebay - there are always loads of used multitrackers on there for a good price.
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I use a USB interface when I'm on the go: Alesis iO2. It has it's problems, but for $100 you can record into Audacity or whatever DAW you have. Reaper as someone suggested.

You would need some type of DI or mic, though, which is another piece of gear to buy. I have never found a USB guitar interface I like.