Hello all.

I've had a bit of a problem with my newish acoustic guitar (had since December). When I play power chords, particularly on the higher frets, there is an annoying rattling...that sounds like it may be coming from the sound hole....though I'm not positive. I was hoping the guitar just needed to settle in, and maybe once spring and warmer weather arrived it would sort itself out. However I'm still getting this annoying rattling, but like I said it's only when I play power chords. There is some minor fret buzz going on, so I might need to take it in for a set up since I've never done one myself before and don't want to screw it up. Is it possible it's my electronics? But I'm thinking if they were loose and rattling I'd hear it all the time. I'm not sure, I'm hoping someone else has experienced this.

Best thing I can tell you, if you're sure it's not fret buzz, take the strings off, put a small mirror in the body, and have a look around.

It could be something loose, or just a preamp wire that's been mis-routed and hitting something.

>> Gently<< tighten the screws at the output jack plate, the nut on the 1/4" jack itself, and whatever else you can find with a screw, not, or bolt involved.

Emphasis on "gently", as in "very, very, gently", since you don't want to void any warranties, should it be something structurally wrong with the guitar, that might require a send-me-back.
Thanks I'll try to get to that this weekend and gently poke around. I bought it from a small shop 4 hours away...so ideally I'd like to handle this on my own. I did go to Takamine's website and it says I can find an authorized takamine dealer for claims if need be.