First off, I apologize if I'm placing this in the wrong forum.

I put up a thread about 3 months ago asking people to crit my singing (i just started then)

After using their advice, I think I improved.

So if you want, go to my profile and listen to my mp3, "Watch Over You". I believe that song shows the best of my singing abilities as of right now.

Oh hey, I didn't see you there
*Disclaimer* this is meant to be honest feedback, so it might sound harsh.

You're out of tune (you're flat, like 99% of singers). Try to push your vocals to the front of your mouth for those mid-high range notes. It should almost feel like the position to yawn.

Second, your "slurs" (slides) from note to note in a range change are slowww and very noticeable. However, this could be reduced by doing what I said before, I'd have to hear again after you do so.

You also aren't confident with the notes. Land them. Even if they are wrong you need to put effort into them. Half assing a note will make the note ALWAYS wrong.

Don't build up to notes either, you have a tendency to start low and try to pull it into tune. You need to hit that note straight on.

Overall, it's a tough song, going from head voice back down to mixed can be messy and Myles Kennedy has it down pretty well. Keep at it, and keep asking questions, it's how you get better.
Thanks so much for an honest critique!

I definitely need to work on hitting the higher notes. I cant seem to sing higher without almost screaming... its like my voice is raspy sometimes and sounds like its ear piercing.

Well, I will keep working at it. Thanks again

One more question. I know that with enough practice I will be able to sing properly, but do you think my voice has a decent tone to it?
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
Yeah, I think you do. Your tone now is going to be slightly different compared to what it will be, at that point it's best to judge. You don't have bad tone, if you're worried about that.