Sorry about the large-ish image. So I found this body in a burned out house with no neck and virtually no hardware.

First question, what type of bridge did this guy have? It would appear that it had a tremolo of some sort, but the hardware behind where the humbucker would go indicates some type of stoptail bridge... are there bridge types that utilize both??

Question #2, note the lack of pickguard... do i need to find a specific type of single coil pickup that will sit directly in the body w/o being screwed in? Or should i look at adding a pickguard?

And lastly, does this body look familiar to anyone or do you think it could possibly be a custom build? Note only 2 spots for knobs, one volume and one tone? also output jack is on the bottom much like a les paul.

Anyways, was hoping to re-finish it and re-build it in the near future, although i do rather like the extremely worn look, she was covered in soot before i wiped her down.

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All that picture leads to is a sign up form for Gmail. Try Photobucket.

For question 2: it's just screws in the body so that from the top it goes screw head>pickup>spring>screw going into the body.
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looks to me like it had a vintage type tremolo, then got a 2 point floating tremolo later in its life...
How does the back of the guitar look? Judging from the sloppy route on the top trem cavity I don't think it came with a trem originally. Then it looks like whoever installed the vintage 6-point fudged up and redrilled, then stuck a 2-point in later.

The pickups.. I'm not sure. They obviously had a ring on the humbucker so I'm guessing whoever routed out the single coil pickups didn't finish the job. Also those look like pretty small routes anyways.

I dunno if I'd do too much with that body, it's got a pretty severe crack running from the trem cavity to the back. Its not in a critical area but who knows how much it will grow.
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Thanks for the help guys, I think I've decided to turn it into a art project, I've got another strat body in much better shape that I'll refinish/rebuild.