Hey I bought a usb "thing" at my guitar shop. It allows you to plug your guitar jack into it and record songs on the computer. It works and all, I just use sound recorder that comes with microsoft and I can record. But i'm looking for a program that I can actually hear the guitar out the speakers as I play it. Cause i'm going to first go through my boss distortion pedal then to the "thing". I tried it and it works in mircosoft recorder, but i don't know what the distortion sounds like because I first have to record it to hear what it sounds like. So all in all im looking for a program that I can hear what I'm playing in real time as i record it. Sorry if my wording is confusing and thanks
Audacity is a great start because it is easy to use and not overwhelming.

Eventually you will develop your skills and progress to Reaper, which is what I am on now.
Thanks Audacity looks good, but how do I listen to my guitar through the speakers as I record??