Yes one might be thinking that any change in hardware would be an upgrade for an S101, and I would probably agree. They are decent beginner guitars and also I thought a good test subject for my first bigger guitar project.

Ive done woodwork before but never on a guitar. So at least I had that much going for me. Now I will admit there are a couple mistakes and if you pay close enough attention you might just find them. Most people however would never notice unless I pointed them out lol. Nothing major, but it was a learning experience and I will be planning something else as I enjoyed doing it.

So I will just toss the pictures on and let you take a look, from before to after. Let me know what you think, and I mean about the workmanship. I know the color choice may not have been yours and thats fine .

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Looks good to me. The only thing that I noticed is that the nut looks a little high in one of the pics. Maybe machine that down a few thou of an inch?
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Yeah it prob could be brought down a very small amount. The action is already quite low and feels good to me but I will prob do some more adjusting later on.
wow this is pretty good, i wanted to do that with my DEAN, but ive never worked with wood before

most people mess up where the back of the floyd goes, usually make it looked ****ed up
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Well the key to doing this type of work is taking your time and planning everything ahead. Plus I went extra slow with the router to make sure I didnt chip the finish.

It did end up being a little more work than I had planned. When I masked the body in preparation for marking the Floyd posts I found out that the original bridge was about an 1/8th inch off alignment with the neck. I corrected this and in doing so had to fill all the pick guard holes and re-drill to correctly position it.

The locker was fun. No issues with routing the neck but I didnt want to go to deep so I stopped a little short of where it should be. I then filed the rest down by hand little by little and checked it repeatedly until it looked good.
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