Hi everyone. I've never been good with vocals and I have a really unstructured voice (very low). I can't sing for the sake of anything, but I'd really like to start doing something for my voice to take steps forward in the long run.

Ideally, I'd like to sound like these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMs55oIu4I

In my mind, I feel that there is a hump in vocals that once you surpass it you can, generally spoken, yell and hold notes.

The second part of the title comes in here. I feel that because I'm so afraid of my voice cracking ridiculously, I'm not trying to my full extent.

If anyone has any tips, please let me know. Basically any information will help

Thanks in advance!
Okay well powerful vocals come from a strong diaphragm. So if you want to be belting out notes and holding them like Pavarotti, then that comes from a strong diaphragm. However, don't confuse this with yelling, because yelling as loud as you can will harm your vocal chords as your putting to much strain on them with poor air support. Just read through the forums and you will find all the information your searching for.

And as for voice cracking, don't worry cause everyone who sings will experience that at some point.
I understand. My band had practice today and I finally stepped up to give strong vox a try, pleasantly surprised! pulled a lot of stuff that sounded great out of nowhere. I've come to realize you really do have to use your diaphragm or you won't get half the outcome you're looking for. also that if I hunch over the microphone I have more endurance.

thanks for the reply, much appreciated!
I personally don't like the voice of the guy in that song you posted. He literally sounds like he's just shouting. But, yeah, diaphragm. I find that a good way to work on using your diaphragm is to shout in a booming voice. Think Patrick Warburton shouting "HEY!" Haha. You can get the sound the guy in the video has, but with a better technique, less damage, and more melody.

P.S. The guy's voice cracks in the video, so, if your band plays that kind of music, it might work to your advantage.
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yea, basement is really rough, that's what I like about them though. it's funny, every practice we find progression, and our other guitarists (mine too for this matter)voice is stabilizing more and more each run. our intense vocal cracks give us a good laugh, anyway!
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