I'm looking for something like Beck uses in this video, where it starts off with just a simple drum loop, but around 5:00 he starts playing with different features, like a delay, and a vocal harmonizer and looper. I'll get anything that is under 800 bucks, what would be able to do all these things, but be more easily workable from the hands(ie not holding down a pedal with your foot to loop things)?

Looks like a Boss SP-303 but there are too many knobs. It actually looks like two of them side by side. The way he uses it sounds like two of them as well. He changes the speed of a sample but the beat keeps going untouched - I gonna say two SP-303's
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i've been trying to find a 303, finding two would be hard enough haha. are there any companies that make a drum machine that at least has a harmonizer built into it? I know it sounds a little specific, but it's a sound I've been looking for a while
Get a DAW like Reaper or Pro Tools and buy Superior Drummer 2.0. It will do anything you want and sound like a real drummer if you program it right.

You need a half decent PC with fair specs to run it though.
that would be a problem lol, I'm running on my laptop that got destroyed by a power surge on safe mode right now XD
PCs are a great musical instrument these days, one of the biggest issues is keeping current. I'm running a $2000 gaming PC from 4 years ago that current software is dogging on.

If you invest in good computers and software, it will greatly expand your musical abilities.
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