Really love this, it's got a great vibe. The rythem guitar tone is awesome, not sure if I love the lead completly, sounds a little too damp. Vocals sound great, nothing I want to complain at. But seriously not sugar coating this, if you could send me a mp3 to download it, that'd be sweet and i'll be sure to check your other stuff out.

Could you look at my demo?

Honestly can't really find anything wrong with this. Maybe the vocals could be a smidge louder, but really that's it. I normally like to do a big breakdown of all the things I think could be improved, but honestly I'm not sure what COULD be improved at least not recording wise.

I could argue that perhaps the song is a little too long and doesn't vary quite enough to really justify the length, though I am just nitpicking here.


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I did one of your other songs, what the hell I believe. I really like your band's sound, I'd definitely buy an album. From a mixing perspective your vocals feel a little too far back, especially when compared to the drums. I find myself turning up the volume to try to understand the vocals but being forced to turn it down with the snare hits.
Great sng though, keep them coming!

Conveniently I just released another song as well,
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Thanks for all the input and positive feedback guys

SweetenerCorp - Sorry can't release a download of it just yet, gotta get the album pressed and then release it before we can have any of the tracks for download :P