Ok so I saw the siezure thread and it kinda reminded me of something a couple years back that wasnt really a siezure but Ive had people tell me it was.

Anyways, this was back when I was in high school we went on a trip to a museum to see an ancient egyptian exhibit. We were walking through with the tour guide and then I remeber feeling very sick all of a sudden, the the point where I was convinced I was going to puke, but I managed to hang on and not. So then we Moved from one display to another, while walking I still felt fairly sick but was managing. At that point I told a girl that I was really into at the time that I was feeling really sick, she didnt understand I guess and just replied "me too" ( she had some cold that week which makes sense). At that point on I dont remeber much but I remebe after that as we were walking, my vision was slowly fading away, like my eyes were still open and I was trying to see but just couldnt. At that point I was apparently walking around with my arms out in front of me, running into people and accidentally punching a few people in the back of the head. And then I collapsed. About a mintue later when I woke up I was covered in my own sweat sitting against a wall where the teacher and tour guide just started asking me simple questions to see my state/condition I guess. They said I coukd go home if I wanted but I literaly felt as if nothing happened and decided to stay and the rest of the day I was fine, nothing else out of the ordinary so I caught back up with everyone else who were just as confused about the entire thing as I was and that was that. Nothing like that has ever happened since and I my own recollection of it is not that great.


So, Pit, what do you think? Was I possessed by some egyptian spirit?
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You may have a form epilepsy, my friend had a couple of episodes like that.
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one time i thought i had appendicitis but it was just gas
you were really really into that girl weren't you?
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Well ofc I dont believe I was possessed nor do O think Im epileptic. Couldve been that one kind of siezure some mentioned but since then I havent experieimced anything remotly similar, so

Or it couldve been aliens!
Looks like some sort of seizure to me.

This is from wiki

"The signs and symptoms of seizures vary depending on the type. Seizures may cause involuntary changes in body movement or function, sensation, awareness, or behavior. Seizures are often associated with a sudden and involuntary contraction of a group of muscles and loss of consciousness. However, a seizure can also be as subtle as a fleeting numbness of a part of the body, a brief or long term loss of memory, visual changes, sensing/discharging of an unpleasant odor, a strange epigastric sensation, or a sensation of fear and total state of confusion. A seizure can last from a few seconds to status epilepticus, a continuous group of seizures that is often life-threatening without immediate intervention. Therefore seizures are typically classified as motor, sensory, autonomic, emotional or cognitive. After the active portion of a seizure, there is typically a period referred to as postictal before a normal level of consciousness returns."

I think some of that applies to your discription of what happened to you.
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Okay so what I got from this is TS can't handle his weed and greened out like a pooner.

Did I miss anything?
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