Hey guys im a drummer but im playing guitar in my current project. My drummer is a huge fan of both accoustic and electric drumsets and he really wants to merge them. His proposed plan is to mix an electric tom set+rack with an accoustic kick and snare. Hes going to use the rack mounts on the rack that comes as part of the electric set for real cymbals. Thoughts on this? Stupid? Cool?
It's different. And in today's music industry, its good to stand out and be different. If your band thinks it sounds good, then by all means go for it.
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sounds cool, but possibility a waste of time, money (if you/he don't have the electrical dear), and effort. experiment more with mic'ing.

if you can pull it off that way that is cool.

the only thing is, there are probably <1% of the aduience would know, with the triggers mixed in with the other drums and cymbals. if i wasn't up close i probably couldn't either, but am new to drumming, but i can still pick out some electric drum sounds.
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I didn't think real cymbals would mount on the electronic cymbal stands but I may be wrong.

I don't really see anything wrong with this idea, it sounds like a lot of effort but if you can get it to work that should be cool. I think the drum fills would sound pretty strange going from an acoustic snare to the programmed toms though. If you have the 2 kits already to experiment with, then theres no harm in trying this stuff out, but I'm not sure its worth spending a lot of money on.

Personally if I was going to do something of this nature, I'd probably just have a couple of the pads and just integrate them into my normal kit using sounds I couldn't replicate with normal drums.
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I know people who have this set up for D&B gigs and firing samples during a set etc.
It should be easy to put together but to be honest if you're playing anything other than electronic type music I wouldn't bother. Electronic kits are still miles behind the real thing when it comes to sound quality, specially toms which always sound to clean and generic to my ear, only unit which comes close at the moment is the 2Box but that is around £800 for the module alone.
Good luck though, sounds interesting.
Yeah, Beezerk pretty much hit the nail on the head. Without micing through a decent PA, you're not going to really get even volumes, either. I've made my kit a hybrid, but I use my pads as additional "toms," and run more tribal or wacked out sounds to them in stead of a standard tom / snare / etc.
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I would probably just throw the electronic pads in with a full acoustic kit. electronic toms with an acoustic bass, snare, and cymbals just seems like a waste of time to me for some reason.
Are you able to use your acoustic drum kit, but with electric drums scattered around any gaps, kind of like both at once, just predominately acoustic?
I've seen loads of professionals do that
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A long time ago, I had actually tried to do what you've proposed, but not for the same reasons. The biggest thing stopping you is probably the acoustic bass drum. This probably depends on the electric rig you have, but my little 20" bass drum wouldn't fit beneath my Roland rack. The middle horizontal bar was too low and the vertical legs were too close. From then on out, I chose to just stick the pads around my acoustic set.

Aside from being different, what would you really plan to achieve? You'd have to be playing some sort of whacked out electronica or dance music, and even then you'd want an electronic bass drum for the heavy, omni-present oomph.