to make things simple
i need some new gear to play with(for jamming and a little bit of gigging). I'm on a bit of a tight budget so
i'm trying to decide.......should i go buy the G1xn now or should i
save up for the vypyr 30 and sanpera.
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1. Zoom G1xn


2. Vypyr 30 + Sanpera I

note: i've included the vypyr on the list because of its effects .
I already have a pretty simple amp which is 25 watts (local to my country)
well what kind of amp do you have right now? If its not loud enough for gigging than I'd recommend getting the vypyr, or even a used tube amp of some sort off craigslist.
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Saying, "local to my country" tells us nothing if you don't tell us which country that is.
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currently i got a Global KG-25 ( i know most of you guys have no idea about the cause i don't think they export this stuff to other countries) which is in my "opinion" is loud enough.
anyways i've compared its loudness to a 30 watt Randal amp and figured out that my 25 watt amp is a lot louder than his Randal
Quote by Cathbard
Saying, "local to my country" tells us nothing if you don't tell us which country that is.

Philippines Btw
I've played a viper and theyre pretty good, id say that over what seems to be a no name amp that youve got, probably would be a lot funner to play, i cant speak for newer zooms, havent tried one of those in a long time