7 dead in shooting at Christian college in CA, in case you godless UGers didnt know

Was the story not cooool enough for you regular, public school shooting lovers? Was this not important enough or entertaining enough because it involved Christians at a Christian college instead of "normal" kids? Do you people just see the word "Christian" and immediately look the other way? Were there not enough sto offset the apparent indifference currently being shared in this PIT OF SATAN WORSHIPPING!?

Despicable, Pit (or should I call you SHIT?). Despicable. I'm ashamed of you people. Just last month a thread was created to mourn the death of 3 kids in the Ohio highschool shooting. This shooting resulted in 7 and yet yooouuu peopppleee sayyyy nothinnngggg.

Anyway, so yea, that happened .

note: oh and the shooter was Asian.
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