Okay, so... I'm trying to use my webcam for tinychat. I try and cam up, and where my Lifecam VX-3000 is supposed to be, it says, "camera in currently in use by another application." But it's not. I've tried task manager(applications and processes), I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling my camera, updating the camera driver, rebooting after all of this, and I've tried using a program called SplitCam for using a camera for more than one application at once. None of that worked.

I don't know what else to do, except reformat.
And that would suck so bad. Help?
Quote by Dirge Humani
Are you on a laptop? They usually come with pointless webcam programs. Uninstall anything that looks like it will interact with the webcam in any way.

Nah, I'm on a PC. XP SP3, and I don't remember if I said it already but I'm using a Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000. USB. Plug and Play.