Currently I am using a Tascam LD-74 Mic with a Tascam US-122L Interface (along with audacity (learning to use reaper). I am almost exclusively just an acoustic and a voice, with the occasional harmonica or uke thrown in.

Anyways, for awhile now, I've been having some trouble with my set up, and I think something in my mic is busted. So, I was looking at just getting a new mic - but then I came across the Blue Yeti Mic, which gets amazing reviews for basic recording purposes.

Options are:

1) Buying a blue yeti and using it directly into my pc's usb port. (sell my interface)

2) Buying a blue yeti and hanging onto my interface (not sure if this will do anything really - I have fairly ample computing power)

3) Buying another mic (possible saving some cash), and plugging it into the interface

Any thoughts from the wise sages at UG?