The intro reminded me of Nirvana just a little bit. Solid drumming and a great tone. You're holding your voice back quite a bit, but it sounds really good here. Love the lyrics and all the vocal melodies. This is something i'd probably listen to on a daily basis. I really like the solo towards the end. It's mellow, but still stands out some. Awesome song. Following you. You're a good musician.

Intro has a great vibe, those pads (or is that a guitar) and the drums sound great together, the vocals sound okay but they seem to be inhabiting a weird space between wanting to sound quiet and loud, it's kinda distracting, I'd definitely like to hear a version where the vocals sound less restrained.

Around 1:30 in an I'm starting to get a little bored, the chord sequence is VERY standard in the verses and the vocals as they are don't quite distract from this fact, the chorus is a bit better, much more melodic content.

I like the echoey chorusy solo, it's pretty cool. Probably one of the high lights of the track for me. The chorus after the solo contains a lot of vocal popping. Are you using a pop filter to record the vocals? Infact are you using a decent studio LDC for recording? If you aren't that might in some ways explain why the vocals sound a little weak.

Not a bad song, but it does need some work. The mix is solid but the song writing falls down in some places.

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Reminds me a little of David Bowie's 'Heroes' in the general vibe and instrumentation. Wasn't sure about the vocal melody generally, although the singing is great in itself (agree about the popping however). The chorus was pretty nice, the vocals seemed to get a little out of time at that point though. Guitar solo was good, could have been mixed a little higher and maybe benefited from less effects, but the playing was very good. You've definitely got something good here, I would just say it needs a little polish.
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Interesting piece, I really enjoyed it. Love the production on it, nice quality. Your vocals feel a teeny bit rushed on the chorus, almost as if they're slightly out of sync. Some harmonic variation would also be nice but take that with a grain of salt, I've been listening to nothing but Wagner for a semester now.

Well done overall, though!
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Thanks for the reviews! Now your tune: vocals are not flawless, but they're pretty good (I noticed they're sometimes out of sync also at times). Vocal melodies are good. Instrumentally, everything sounds quite good! I like the strings/pad! Drums sound good. The song itself is good! Carry on!
Cool song man. I really like your voice, great tone, was on pitch. I do agree with a previous comment that it sounded like you held back a little. Maybe doubling your vocals in parts would help, or adding a bit of a delay.

The song isin't quite my cup of tea but for what it is, you did a great job. I thought the solo guitar part could louder though. Other than that you did a great job.