OK it is 4 am and I'm just creeping the pit and what do I hear from a neighbouring apartment. A friking blood curdling scream.Nearly shat myself. I'm not even going to involve myself.

I have heard some pretty strange stuff over the years living in apartments. Like for instance I can clearly hear someones conversations through the air duct in my bathroom.

Overall my building is pretty quiet.It's filled with old people and potheads. So come on and share your stories.
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Was at my friends apt. the other weekend and we were jamming together. He was on guitar and I was playing his electronic kit. About a half hour after we start we hear a knock at the door, so we answer and there's this 50-something year old guy who looked like he just woke up from a 6-month hibernation saying "Do you kids have ANY IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS?" and my friend is like, "Yeah...it's about 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday."
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walking through the main door into the hallway, I hear moaning and door rattling. As I walk by the first apartment on my way to my door, I can see the door actually moving and the moans are louder.

I was tempted to knock, but went to sleep instead.
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OT: My neighbors are normal and I have no stories to share about them.
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at night, when everything is much more easily to hear + your neighbor having a diarrhea...
The people who live above me fight a lot, usually about their sex life, or who smoked all of the crack. Sometimes I can clearly hear them hitting each other, but they deserve a good beating, so I let em go at it.
I used live in a high rise block of flats and had an upstairs neighbour who would howl and bark like a dog when it was a full moon and on other days he would jump around his flat making owl noises, he also used to bring prostitutes home alot but when he did all you could here were screams all night then the next day he would be using power tools like he was doing DIY.

I also had a next door neighbour who used to smoke crack next to the stairwell everyday and every few weeks he would have a fight with the rubbih shoot on our floor then urinate on his rubbish bags and set them on fire as they wouldnt fit down the shoot.

Living in apartments/flats sucks as ive only ever experienced crazy neighbours.
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I often hear an elephant like noise coming from our next door neighbor. I still don't know what the hell it is ._. I normally hear it at night time, but it's there in the morning too.


Hey Arnold taught me not to live in apartments.
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One of our neighbors washes their car every day regardless of how dirty it is, but otherwise people are pretty normal around here
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Our neighbors play dubstep so loud that it shakes the entire building. It goes on well into the night ending as late at 5AM! We pour bacon grease onto the bastards balcony every time we go out for a cigarette in the middle of the night. Sometimes I turn my amp up to 11 and we have a sound battle.
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In our first apartment, my wife and I were going to bed. We're laying there and all of a sudden we hear what sounds like gun shots followed by a thud and a loud scream coming from the neighbors living above us. Next thing we hear is a couple guys running downstairs and standing right outside by our bedroom window. They talked for a bit, then ran off. I must have slept maybe an hour that night because I was scared shitless.

In another apartment, which was right in the freaking ghetto, I went to throw our trash. We lived on the 2nd floor and we threw our trash down a chute which led to a compactor. I walked in and saw two crackheads getting it on. I didn't say a word, just left my bag of garbage there and ran back to my apartment. It was freaking horrifying.
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