I purchased a used Jackson KVX10 (maybe 2003 year... not too sure) to have as a decent practice guitar, and also as a guitar wouldn't have to worry about dinging and scuffing bringing here or there.

Anyway... after toying with the action and getting fret buzz I went through all the proper steps and determined the truss rod needs to be adjusted. I took off the truss rod cover and was surprised to find it doesn't take an allen wrench, but a socket type wrench. I have a socket set but they're too large to use even to determine the size. From what I've tested it could be 7mm-8mm or even a 5/16 maybe. I've spent a long while searching the internet and can't pin point an exact size or any concrete information in order to purchase on online, hopefully someone here knows better.

Also, I have a USA Jackson DK1 and it didn't come with any such tool, and if it needed it I assume it would have. I didn't take off the truss rod cover but I wonder if these are different than the Japanese models?
I believe it's 7mm and this is what you're looking for: http://www.allparts.uk.com/online-shop/tools-guitar-care/truss-rod-spanners/box-spanner-7mm-p-4187.html

BTW, I'm just assuming you're abroad, in which case it's called a "Box Spanner". Where the heck are you located?

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I'm in the US. The 7mm would appear to be correct, my wrench/socket goes down to 8mm, of course, which appears to be slightly too large. Thanks for the info!