I would like to get good metal tones like Metallica or Megadeth with my DSL 100. I read on the internet that you need a pedal to get those tones, but I looked at an Ibanez tubescreamer and it was like $150/120 euro. Is a tubescreamer the same as an overddrive pedal? And can you guys recommend an OD pedal with a good price/quality?
I had no trouble nailing metallica and megadeth tones when I had my DSL. It is a great amp. I would try playing around with your EQ a little bit and you should be able to get there. That being said I used to boost my amp with a Boss SD-1.
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Yes. The Tubescreamer is an overdrive pedal. Alternatives are the MXR GT-OD, Fulltone OCD, Visual Sound Route 808, Digitech Bad Monkey.

I haven't played the DSL to know if it can do those sounds, so I would trust bobafettacheese.
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the joyo one is pretty good, and (far as i'm aware) is a tubescreamer clone. they're like 29 euro on thomann (sold as harley benton vintage overdrive). that'd let you see if you like how a tubescreamer combines with your marshall without forking out the 150 euro + for a "real" one.
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from personal experience i primarily boost mine with a mxr classic overdrive and a fulltone fulldrive 2 occasionally. Either one of those have a great tone IMO. But any tubescreamer style OD is perfect.

As mentioned, these are really good examples:

Yes. The Tubescreamer is an overdrive pedal. Alternatives are the MXR GT-OD, Fulltone OCD, Visual Sound Route 808, Digitech Bad Monkey.

DO NOT buy an OCD for a boost. They are best used as standalone drives.

Grab a TS7, TS9, GT-OD (I loved mine when I had it), Boss SD1, if you're needing to go cheap Digitech Bad Monkey is never a bad choice... There are quite literally tons of OD pedals on the market.

You should definitely be able to to metal on a DSL, especially with an overdrive. Volume 10, Gain 0-3, Tone to taste.

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