Lately i've been relally getting into the sound of the diminished scale and so far ive just been messing around using the minor 3rd intervals only

E, G, Bb, Db

but i understand that there is the whole-half diminished scale and half-whole diminished scale so the one i've been using just removes the semi-tones.

Other than playing over a drone note or single diminished chord, what other chords will make an effective backing for use of the scale. So if im writing in the key of E minor for example, over what chords can i incorporate this scale without sounding "out"
a full diminished 7th chord - E*7 has the notes E G Bb Dd .. the diminished chords are symmetrical..that is they move in minor 3rd intervals..and the notes are still the same but in an inversion of the chord...so there are 4 chord forms for each diminished 7 chord (each note can be the root of the chord)..do some study on this chord..there are many ways to use them..

also..the same notes E G Bb Db can also be a dominate 7b9 chord (no root) - example Eb7b9 contains the same notes..and again it can be named any of the four notes as it is also symmetrical and can be moved in minor 3rd intervals..again a further study of the function of this chord and its uses will be very helpful in your study of harmony..

knowing how to use the above chords with the half-whole (HW WH) and whole-half dim scales will take a bit of work..as the sound and movement of the lines produced are without destination..that is..they are continuous..and are very useful for connecting harmonic and melodic lines..they also may be used as altered dominate lines..this will take a bit of study to get under your fingers..but worth the effort..

hope this helps