So I just put my guitar into an interesting tuning and I'm wondering if guys are experienced with it at all. From bottom to top, I've got B, F#, B, E, F#, B, E. Have any of you used this tuning before?
You tuned your E, A, and D strings up a step (and G down a half step of course)? Godspeed you, I am too afraid of string breakage to tune any strings above standard.
They're fine. I hate floppy strings anyway.

I'm actually considering grabbing a heavier set (maybe 11-60s?) and doing the same tuning a whole step down. That way I can get the same repeating arrangement of strings, but I'll be able to play standard tuned riffs without significant rearrangement.

Actually, to be honest, I stole the tuning from TesseracT and then tuned up a whole step.