Hello there. I have a Fender Jazzmaster, but I don't have my own electric guitar amp. All I use is either an acoustic amp when I'm practicing, or my drummers vintage Marshall. The Marshall brings a lot of good tones, but it's gonna kick the bucket soon because it's old and wasn't taken care of well, so I'm gonna need to buy a new amp. My price range is about $800, and I would love an amp that could overpower/sound nice when paired with a whole band. Anything you'd recommend with a Jazzmaster?
What exactly is wrong about the Marshall? It could be anything of course, but hopefully it's salvageable. What kind of Marshall is it?
Nothing's really wrong with it. It just isn't mine.
But I'll answer those questions
Budget: $800
Genres: Funk, Jazz, Hard Rock, alternative, progressive, trippy
New or Used: I don't care really. Whatever is cheaper, so probably used
Home or gig: Both. I play out a lot, go to jams, but I also jam in my house
Closest City: Worcester, MA and Boston, MA
Current Gear: Fender Jazzmaster, and 5 pedals