The link below is a recording off of a record we just found from an old recording studio of my grand father. He recorded one of, if not the first, bi-linguel french/english albums ever. The link is to an original song he sang duet and played guitar in. I play guitar but I cannot tab songs nor play by ear so I am hoping somone out there is feeling generous and can help me out. He probably would have been an old country super star if he hadn't married an overbearing wife lol. But I came out of that marraige so I'm really glad he did I suppose lol.

The link will take you to the youtube video of the song.

Sorry about the scam thing originally.... better now....

By the way, the title of the song is this according to you tube....

The song is based on the chords as you see below.....

[C]You are an [F]angel in the morning a [D]devil [D7]in the night
and it's so [G]nice to [G7]have you for my [C]own

I did the chorus and can do the entire song if I have the words... so if you feel like typing them all out for me and sending them to guitarzan7@hotmail.com I will do the song for you.... at least the chords... If I get into it I can do the tab as well..but the chords should be good enough.... try the chorus and see what you think.... I believe it sounds best with the G7 and D7 in there ...let me know....
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Thanks! I'll get the lyrics written out. I'm pretty busy so it may take me a couple of days.

I can't really say what sounds better. I can play nearly anything in tab form but I have ZERO music theory knowledge. I tried once to take lessons but I was just too busy in the military and such to keep taking the lessons so I had to give it up. I am pretty good at reading tab though.

I'll get the lyrics ASAP and send them to that e-mail address, thanks again.