Tell me about the time you stood up to your A**hole boss and what were the results?

My posts in the Death Penalty thread had me remembering some of the things I went through, good and bad while working in prison.
This is basically just me bragging about one of them.

Please share your own.
Might be fun.
It might suck, but lets give it a go.

My story requires a little bit of history of the situation.

First off, there was this one Lieutenant that was a MAJOR MAJOR asshole.
Previous to this story he was always giving me shit, like he did EVERYONE ELSE.
Almost everybody, guard and inmate alike, hated him and were afraid of him, including me. He was just a big dickhead.
He was also a ginger if you want to use that as a reason for not liking him.
He wasn't in that great of shape, a bit of a beer belly, but he was about 6"5' and was a bit imposing.
And he was mean.

My partner and I worked the graveyard shift in the most violent GP (General Population) housing unit in the prison system in the entire state.
It was nicknamed "The Thunderdome" (Mad Max Reference).
At least once a week, when we came in the start our shift, there was blood somewhere.

In these housing units, there were all sort of "nooks and crannies" where it was possible to conceal small objects. Quite often we would find "Shanks" there (Homemade knives and daggers).
Over the course of about a year, my partner found 28, I found 27 (bastard beat me by 1). That was far more than anyone else at that prison at the time. Average per guard was maybe 3 or 4. It was the graveyard shit and we had a lot of time to kill.
(I also did my research and even studied algebra (I and II) ).

The Warden liked that we had done so well at finding shanks.
In fact one night, he sent the Lieutenant on shift to congratulate me and tell me what a great job I was doing (I was ahead of my partner at that time). Guess which Lieutenant that was?

The Lieutenant said "The Warden wanted me to tell you he thinks you are doing a great job and to keep it up. Personally I think you are making those shanks at home and bringing them in. But that's just my opinion".

I looked him in the eye and said " Thank you. And I think you are an asshole. But that's just my opinion".

He said nothing and turned around and left.

I think he actually respected me for that, because after that night, he never gave me shit again. No one, to my knowledge had ever stood up to him before and told them what they thought of him.

The next day, it was all over the prison. Guards and inmates alike were telling me what an awesome thing I did. No one could believe that anyone had the balls (or stupidity, take your pick) to talk back to him.

My partner and I both transferred out of there a few months later.
The prison was ok, but the town sucked big time. Getting a transfer out of there was next to impossible. We both tried multiple time but were always rejected. They had a hard time getting people to come out there due to its isolation. But my partner's mom was an aide to the governor so he called her and we had our transfers approved within a week.

A few years later that Lieutenant got fired. For ordering one of the dog handlers to have his dog attack an inmate that was handcuffed.
(I didn't witness it so I can't say if that was true).

Share your stories of when you talked back to your boss and what was the outcome?
At my first job I had a few years back I was a dishwasher. My boss was a dick and came by and told me the water isn't hot enough. I told him "I didn't realize, sorry." I showed that asshole...

But really, besides him, I've lucked out and had good bosses, smoked with one a few times at work too.
Just because you add a (very) specific question to the post does not make your blog thread worthy.
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Quote by mullet1337
Just because you add a (very) specific question to the post does not make your blog thread worthy.

Probably not.
But there have been worse and less "worthy" threads in here.
I don't have a boss. Let alone an asshole boss.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

My one boss offered me a joint after work and i told him "I only smoke fools like you on the b ball court" and walked away.

Above the influence.
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My one boss offered me a joint after work and i told him "I only smoke fools like you on the b ball court" and walked away.

Above the influence.

I made that same joke in some thread about smoking the other day. I'm pretty sure no one got it.
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I made that same joke in some thread about smoking the other day. I'm pretty sure no one got it.

I've been waiting too long to make that joke.

I mean...I would never joke about such a serious issue. >_>

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I love these two gifs so much
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'You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to,
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You'll get the chance to put the knife in.'
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this one time where I used to work a grocery store. I was one of the more older people among the staff, besides like the managers and supervisor who were all 30+. But I was probably the more mature one, besides being older and also considering the staff was 80% high school kids who had no concept of work and how employment functions.

So I was driving my shitty ass Tercel in those days. And this ****ing frigid winter day, I woke up late, and was late to work 25 minutes. This was probably my second late in like 2 years, with like 3 sick calls in total, well under the average that the other younger employees had, which was like 3 sick calls a month.

So I get there, run in and start working. Big shipment came in, everyone is rushing and its just the store manager doing my department manager's job so he's kind of in high gear. Then he talks to me and tells me I'm late and blah blah and I apologize, I said I was really sorry it never happens and it was because I had to let my Tercel warm up because my belt was squealing and wouldn't give me any power to the engine basically (well thought out story). He starts raising his voice at me telling me ''this is not a ****ing circus'' and just shitting all over me, the most mature employee there, as I'm standing beside Zach, the ****ing pothead who never does jack shit and gets a write up every month for it.

So he basically keeps giving me shit and starts poking at the fact that he's tired of all the ''stories'' he gets from everyone when they're late. I'm calm during this entire thing. I told him it wasn't a story and that I have a piece of shit car and it's freezing ****ing cold out. He keeps going on, ''stories, that's all I hear around here, it's like I'm running a ****ing circus'' and keeps dismissing my defensive claims, and basically without saying it, starts calling me a liar. So I go right up to him, I get real close and comfy, and I do my ''flat face'' (this is what I do when I get really pissed off), basically just a solid, emotionless face with completely frozen, calm eyes but with a striking stare. And I ask him ''so if my interpretation of what you're saying serves me correctly, you are calling me a liar. Is this correct?'' He starts saying basically that he didn't call me a liar, but he doesn't believe I'm telling the truth as he's fumbling his words and trying to think of something. Essentially trying to **** dodge the giant broomstick I just shoved down his throat.

He just instantly shut down and tried to match my calmness towards the situation to dominate the subject, but it was an epic fail. He starts getting more compassionate while staying aggressive and it just came out like diarrhea. Hilarious. Typical of a 45 year old loser who spent his life working his up to the ''top'' of a ****ing grocery store.

Some real ****ing winners at those places. You see some people who really want the lesser part of life to live.
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This one time, my boss was like "Blake, can you work Saturday at the West Side location?" and I was like "Bitch, who you think I be!?" and I slapped her.
I once went to my boss and shouted "DUDE, WAKE UP MAAAN" but that's because my boss was my Dad and we were late and he was in bed...
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once my boss asked me to do something an d i told him that i dont feel comfortable doing it because its dangerous and he said it was understandable

im terrified of step ladders
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