I'm trying to get a similar tone/sound to Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight." I'm limited on my equipment and want to use what I got. Here is what I have:

Zoom Fire-18 Amp
Morley Classic Wah
BBE Green Screamer
MXR Phase 90

I'm hoping someone knows about this amp and can help me with settings as well as what pedals I should use with which settings.
Try panning your stereo hard L (or R) and placing your amp on the other side of the room. Play the song (or the album) and just tweak your gear until you get as close as you can.

Use your ears. Find the right amount of gain on the distortion, then low, mid, and high.

Experiment because only you will know when it sounds right with you playing on your instrument in the room you like to listen to "Living After Midnight" in.