Dear friends! Finally the moment arrived and we are pleased to present you our new video for the song "Fire". Hopefully, it will ignite your hearts to the full! Enjoy!



City: Kiev, Ukraine
Style: metal
Language: Ukrainian / Russian / English
Official web-site: http://www.delia.com.ua


- Single "Forgotten land" (2007)

- Single "Dead city" (2008)
The song is dedicated to the memory of the city Pripyat and to its ex-citizens and all people who suffered as a result of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. In 2009 the video to the song was released.

- Album "Recollection" (2010)
The album was recorded at Ukrainian recording studio “Blacklight” in two versions: Ukrainian and English. Ukrainian version of the album was released at Ukrainian label ROCK Music and distributed in Ukraine. There are 13 songs and 2 bonus-tracks in the album.
Regarding the purchase please contact: sales@delia.kiev.ua

- EP "Fire" (2011)
Maxi-single of the band which consists of 3 songs. There are two versions of the EP: Ukrainian/Russian and English.
Download (Ukrainian version)

Download (English version)


"Мертве місто" / "Dead city" (Ukrainian version)
"Dead city" (English version)
"Забутий край" / "Forgotten land" (Ukrainian version)
"Вогонь" / "Fire" (Ukrainian version)
"Fire" (English version)
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