I'm trying to get a similar tone/sound to Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight." I'm limited on my equipment and want to use what I got. Here is what I have:

Zoom Fire-18 Amp
Morley Classic Wah
BBE Green Screamer
MXR Phase 90

I'm hoping someone knows about this amp and can help me with settings as well as what pedals I should use with which settings.
um... your really just gonna have to play around with the settings for each piece.

also you will probably never exactly get his tone because in order to do that you are gonna need to get his exact rig, set to exactly what he uses.... unfortunately that will never exactly sound like him unless you take his hands as your own.

I know it sounds like alot of work to keep altering the settings for each piece of equipment but thats really the only way you will get to it. on the plus side the more often you try to adjust your settings to sound like other guitarists the better you will get at it.
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You should post this in either Bands & Artists or Guitar Gear & Accessories. You will get more/better responses. Ask a mod to move it for you.
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gonna have to lock this, it's not a technique issue, but equally settings threads aren't permitted in GG&A either.

If you reword the post you can certainly ask about pedals or other equipment in GG&A, but just asking how to get a particular sound on your amp needs to go in the Ultimate Settings thread.
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