So who knows of any videography that Crue has that goes back to the good old days of the beginning of Crue and throughout there prime and even after. Im thinkin there has to be something similar to some kind of monster that Metallica had but for Crue. Any clues??
Well, I don't know how you feel about reading, but they had a book released a few years back called "The Dirt." It's great and has the picture of a whiskey bottle on the cover. It takes a look at their career and personal lives.

Some parts are so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. Some of the "escapades" these guys have gone through, make you wonder how they managed to stay alive.

Check out this book, its' great.

I've heard that "The Dirt" is going to be made into a movie, but I've been hearing that for a while now. I hope it does. Not sure where you could view, but their Behind the Music on VH1 was great. Also they have home videos out which I'm not sure if they're on DVD called Uncensored & one they released called Decade of Decadence when that CD was released. Showcasing 10 years of the Crue.
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