I was fiddling around the Th30 today and I really like it. But anyone with one of these, can you tell me if the sound can get close good for Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Old Metallica, Lamb of God etc.? The lack of EQ sounds really.. funny to me.
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I just tried it out yesterday comparing it against a peavey classic 30, Marshall JCM900 and ENGL Thunder 50 and it blew them out of the sky. I tried it last but i immediately fell in love with it. I plan on buying it very soon! I just thought id share that.

It should be able to get Metallica tones and lamb of god tones very easily and it should get close but not perfect Steve Vai tones. it'll be a little to dark sounding. As for dream theater, I don't really have much experience with there music so I'm not sure but I'm quite sure that half of Petrucci's tone comes from the insane amount of effects that he uses at the same time.

It does have and EQ, it's just that instead of a 3-band EQ is a "1-band EQ" in the shape knob that controls everything. It seems to be much more effective than a normal EQ in my experience and cause more drastic shifts in mids and treble. I really like it cos i'm very simplistic and i find 3-band EQ to be a nuisance and they give "too many options" and it's just a headache.

Some people prefer the shape control and see it as a bonus. Other poeple prefer a normal EQ. It's all personal preference.
You can get some gnarly tones from it. It does depends on the cab and guitar you use as well. Plus if you dime the volume and lower the gain it has a different character. I get really heavy with it at times or insanely clean it can handle both. You wont replicate the artists you mentioned but its still a cool amp. Oranges usually tend to have their own sound.