my guitar hums, but im not too sure why, i checked all the connections and are all good, my guitar wiring is bridge humbucker, neck sicgle coil, volume tone and 3 way switch. when im in humbucker only no hum but as soon as i go both or neck real loud hum when i play with any form of drive, even very light drive, i took a meter to all the connections and all seem good, whats the deal?
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What's your amp plugged into? Could be a bad ground.

My house has 90 year-old wiring! We were getting shocked in the shower, and I tested it and that shit was, like, 70 volts.

They just said, "Screw it!" and grounded to the pipes in those days. I got hum, too. Everywhere! Guitar, stereo, everything. Well I just went to Home Depot and got a piece of Rebar (steel reinforcement for concrete work) and pounded it into the ground. Then I tied the house ground wire to that and only then cut the old ground (so for about 60 seconds it was dual grounded through the pipes and through the rebar).

It's something you might look into. Older homes/apartments are notorious for it.