A sort of friend of mine offered to sell me an Oxygen 25 midi-keyboard for 80 bucks, maybe 70. I'm not exactly sure what its features are, but it could prove to be useful for recording purposes potentially with my band.

Does anyone have any experience with these, and since I don't have any experience with it, would it be optimal to buy it and learn how to use it?
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Unless you're going to use it to enter midi notes in something like finale, Logic or FL studio I wouldn't get it. I use mine all the time for entering midi data but never for actually playing.
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I'd suggest getting a 'proper' cheap keyboard for Midi work - Unless size is an issue, those things are too small to play properly, save for just putting notes in
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I own the 49-key Oxygen.

It's a very good model for the money.

However don't buy a 25-key one, that's just restricting yourself. Save up for the bigger models, you'll thank me when you're able to really stretch out with the MIDI patches.

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If you want to learn to play Piano, get a bigger one. If not, 25 keys is fine - in fact, I want to get this exact keyboard because my 80 key one is WAY too big and cumbersome for cubase work.
If you want to play simple one hand synth stuff, pads, strings, 25 keys is fine. If you want to play Organ or Piano you'll want more keys. Also I haven't played one but I've heard that the Oxygen ones are pretty good quality
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