I have recently started piecing together a rack amp / effects rig so I am no longer using my Blackstar HT-100 head. I have had it posted online for sale with a little interest.

Recently I have came across the opportunity to trade this straight up for a MESA 2 95 Simulclass rack power amp. The MESA was recently re-tubed and seems to be in decent condition.

What are the thoughts on this proposal.

For what's it's worth I am currently using a GSP1101 as my effects unit and amp modeling device. It is being powered at the moment with a MOSVALVE MV-962.

Thanks for any input.
Well, they are different types of amps and I'm sure most would agree that Mesa amps are on a higher level. So blindly I would say go for it.

Otherwise, there is a 'Look Up' link in my sig you can plug gear in and see what they are going for on the used market. That might help a bit.
Value wise I neither of us would be really taking a loss on the deal. He is looking for cash to go towards a JCM. His guitar shop quoted him the same trade value for his poweramp or my tube head on trade. So since I can actually use the MESA he is fine with doing a straight trade.

The 295 is a bit older but everything I have read up on it says they are powerhouses. I am not looking for something to play concert halls with so I think this as a power section will work pretty well.
I appreciate it. The 295's are hard to get a good review on. I was hoping someone would see this and talk me off the ledge...but I suppose it's a leap I have to take.