Here is a better way of explaining my window problems in pro tools i have some screenshots, dont think my question was understood in the last post.
picture 1: what my current project looks like

picture 2: What i want to go back to, the tracks are different but i just took a screenshot of a random session type.
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In your first pic you are in what is called the MIX window. In the second pic, that is the EDIT window. To switch back and forth go to the window tab at the top and click whatever window you want to view. You can also toggle between windows with the quickkey command "Ctrl"+"=". (press the "=" button while holding the "ctrl" button)
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I think you just didn't understand my reply. At the top of your window, between Setup and Help is "Window." Look in that menu and see if "Edit" is checked. If it isn't then you just click it and it should reappear.
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Mix and Edit Windows. Just press Command+= (Mac) or Ctrl+= (Windows)
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